Gourmia GAF355 Hot Air Fryer

Gourmia GAF355 Hot Air Fryer Review

Thank you for buying the Gourmet GAF355 Hot Air fryer for your use. This fryer is completely designed well for healthier cooking. It will help you to prepare from fried chicken to onion rings.

Moreover, you can grill, bake toast, broil and lots of foods without using oil or little oil. The final result is very delicious food lacking any grease.

Gourmia GAF355 Compact Hot Air Fryer

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Gourma has very rapid hot air technology. This technology helps you to prepare food efficiently and quickly. You will get your desired with the help of this air fryer easily. Making food is just fun with this fryer. One may enjoy great tasty and healthy food again and again with Gourmet air fryer.

You will get the complete instruction, features, and function of the Gourmia Digital Air Fryer inside the manual. You will get necessary information of the modes of operation. Total step by step instruction, cleaning, assembly and maintenance of the fryer are also added there.

Read these instructions very carefully and follow these completely to use it all the times. Thank you for buying this air fryer. You will enjoy the air fryer more. Many innovative products are brought to you by Gourmia.


  • You would like to enjoy French Fries or a nice baked potato. It is sure that our air fryer prepares tasty oil-free foods for you.
  • We are aware of the risk of eating oily foods or deep fried. This air fryer gives you super tasting fried snacks without oil.
  • One can enjoy favorite foods for having incredible technology. The air fryer circulates hot air which fries food very quickly without or with oil.
  • Best performance for casual cooks and intense chefs out there. The fryer has very compact and sleek design. So it is fit for any kitchen to make tasty dishes.
  • To ensure well cleaning, just remove the basket pan from the fryer and wash it usually. No high maintenance or intense is needed to do it.


  • Be content with this product
  • Reasonable price
  • Simple to use as well as clean
  • enjoyably surprised


  • None

Using Your Air Fryer

This is the only air fryer which functions with hot air.

  • Don’t fill up the pan with frying fat or oil
  • Better not to fill it with oil or other liquid.
  • Don’t keep anything on the top of the machine.
  • Keep everything away from the air vent on the backside of the appliance.
  • Set up the appliance on a heat resistant, horizontal, stable and level surface.
  • Connect the machine to an electric outlet.
  • Take out the cooking compartment from the fryer. Set up crisping into the bottom of the cooking chamber.
  • Keep the ingredients inside the cooking chamber. To get crispier finish use spray of the cooking oil.
  • Glide the chamber back to the fryer
  • Start the appliance. Then turn on the timer knob clockwise. The red and green light will be visible.
  • Move the temperature knob to get the expected temperature to start the air fryer.
  • If the appliance meets the expected temperature the green light may go off. If the timer is elapsed the unit may turn off.
  • When you take out the basket in the middle of the cooking procedure, it may shut off. The timer will show its reading still then.
  • Enter the basket inside the appliance once again. It starts the cooking process continuously.
  • Some ingredients demand to shake in the middle of the cooking process. So you need to take out the cooking chamber from the air fryer by the handle and stir it. Again slide the cooking chamber to its previous position again.
  • When you get the set preparation time is over, you hear the timer bell. That time take out the cooking chamber from the appliance and set it on the heat defiant surface.
  • Notice attentive to be sure that the ingredients are ready. When you get the ingredients aren’t completely cooked, slide the cooking chamber back to the unit. Then set the timer for some extra time.

Cleaning and Maintenance of Gourmia GAF355 Hot Air Fryer

  • It is better not to use abrasive cleaning material or utensils to clean the basket and pan. This can harm the non-stick coating.
  • Clean the unit after every use
  • Before cleaning the fryer, be sure it is completely cool.
  • Disconnect the unit from the electric outlet after every use. Make it completely cool.
  • Take out the pan from the air fryer to make it cool quickly.
  • You can use a cleaning brush or hot water to take away any food resides from the fryer
  • Use a moist cloth to clean the outer side of the air fryer.
  • Rinse crisping insert and cooking chamber with hot water. You can also use a non-abrasive sponge or dishwashing liquid to do it.
  • Clean the heating elements by the cleaning brush to eliminate food residue.

Warranty & Service of Gourmia GAF355 Hot Air Fryer

The Gourmia GAF355 Hot Air Fryer comes with a limited time warranty for one year from the date of buying. This offer applies to the original purchaser. The third party is not pertinent to this offer. Replacement and repair solely depend on the will of the sellers.

When repair is not possible, the sellers replace the part or product. If replacement or repair isn’t sufficed, the seller can refund the cash of the component or return the product.

You will not get the warranty provision for some cases. If you damage the appliance by accidental negligence, by repair by unauthorized parties and for misuse of instruction given, you won’t get a warranty.

The manufacturers would not take the responsibility for consequential damage; incidental damages occurred under similar circumstances.

User Review Gourmia GAF355 Hot Air Fryer

This is roughly maintained by UPS. When we open the box, we found the fryer has no damage. We are waiting for more to use the fryer. At first, we tried the tater tots. It comes out very quickly and we face no problem. It is very fast.

We adjusted 13 minutes timer and the food is crisped. We ate it a few days ago. Now we are excited to try fish and chicken that we like to do in the evening.

User Review Gourmia GAF355 Hot Air Fryer

Gourmia has given wonderful service to the customers. It is attentive and outstanding. I face difficulties when I want to take out the basket from the pan. The pressing button is difficult enough to remove the basket and then normally it comes out. I hope it must be easier.

The fryer gets 5 stars from me though I faced removing basket from the pan. It seems to me it is a really great fryer. I wholeheartedly aspire that every homeowner should keep this air fryer. Keep this fryer in your home and enjoy healthier food without oil or little oil.

Air Frying Tips on Gourmia GAF355 Hot Air Fryer

Air Frying Tips on Gourmia GAF355 Hot Air Fryer

  • Shaking or stirring during the halfway of preparing food may optimize the result. It also avoids unevenly fried ingredients.
  • Smaller ingredients will take a shorter time than bigger ingredients.
  • You can add a small amount of water in the cooking chamber for steaming foods. At the time of removing chamber, you must be careful. There remain hot steam, ingredients, water etc.
  • Do not overfill the air fryer as this can damage the fryer. At the time of removing cooking chamber from the unit be careful as it contents become very hot.
  • Keep a safe oven dish inside the cooking chamber of the fryer to prepare quiche or cake.
  • Follow the cooking charts. Then you can prepare chicken nuggets, fries and fish sticks.
  • Snacks what you can prepare in an oven is likely to prepare with the air fryer
  • For a crisp texture- Use a spray of oil on the ingredients of the cooking chamber.
  • You can use the air fryer to reheat the food by using temperature up to 300 degrees F for ten minutes.


The Gourmia GAF355 Hot Air Fryer requires no oil to cook food. The capacity of the fryer is 2.2 quarts. It has adjustable 30 minutes timer. The highest temperature setting is up to 400 F which is adequate to cook all types of foods.

The rapid hot circulation technology of the fryer reduces cooking time and effort. Normally this fryer is better than other fryers in the market.

The design of the fryer is very compact. So you should not worry more to deal with different components. Besides the fryer has removable trays which are very simple to clean. The weight of the fryer is 7.3 pounds. So we can say this is lighter models than other models in the market.

A bonus cooking book will help you to prepare an array of fried snacks without using oil. There are only a few instructions here. You may intimate knowledge of the way of working everything from this.

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