Best 2 Cooks Companion Air Fryer Review

Author: Chester P. Rector
January 13, 2021

Health-conscious people always avoid oily and fried foods because of loading with excessive calories. This will not happen any longer as you have the best digital air fryer. This product is like a small oven that produces high heat, and a powerful fan spreads the hot air to give a nice fried and crisp texture.

There are various kinds of air fryers in the market and they come in numerous shapes and categories. So we have tried the most popular two air fryers and came to know that they are very user-friendly as well as provide high performance. In the article, we will describe these two Cooks Companion Air Fryer Review.


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Cook’s Companion 1200W is the best fryer device for making a healthy and digitalization cooking process. It is 2 in 1 fryer that allows deep and air fryers. The fryer is put together with superior quality elements. You will find simple dials for controlling the heat as well as a mesh bucket, including a removal handle to keep the stuff in.

You can always check the food's cooking process with the led display that is placed on the fryer’s top. The fryer can hold up 1.8 L of oil for the perfect cook of snacks and gives a high speed of 1200w. For air fryers, the Companion can produce up to 410°F that gives the exact crisp and moist that you desire for. Moreover, the appliance features a charcoal filter to absorb odor.

While making air fryers, the machine creates a horizontal airflow system that ensures the healthiness of food. The Companion air fryer delivers high performance, but sometimes buttons need more pressure to press. That is the only drawback of it. Nonetheless, it is lightweight and straightforward process to clean. The fry basket, oil tank, and air fry basket are dishwasher proof.

Cook’s Companion red air fryer is loaded with outstanding features that make it the best air fryer at present. At a low price addition, the fryer delivers an important receive performance. It can cook healthier foods in just 30 minutes or less.

So you can enjoy your favorite food without worrying about the extra calories, thanks to its rapid air technology. Using this, you can bake, fry, roast, or grill within at least time; there is also a grill version with less oil to no oil.

This air fryer is supported at 175F - 400F temperature, and you can set the time and temperature using control buttons. The 1 to 30-minute timer automatically comes in standby mode after complete cooking. There are a PFOA-free air fry pan and non-stick basket for frying foods. The basket has a cool-touch handle so that you won't get harmed by unwanted attachment.

This digital air fryer serves you with tasty and crisp foods, limiting nearly 80 percent calories. The special ventilated hot air evenly spreads the hot air for proper cooking. The non-stick pan and basket are easy to clean, but you need to do it with your hands because they are not dishwasher proof. Moreover, you will get a recipe book where 50 recipes are included step by step.

Before buying the best air fryer you must consider these issues beslow:

Holding capacity:

Fryer comes in several sizes; typically most of them are around 1 to 2 liters, the medium ones are 2.5 or 3 liters and the larger ones are up to 5 liters. How much holding capacity you need depends on your family member and your needs. If you have a big family with 7 to 8 members then the larger one is more preferable otherwise you can choose between small and medium.

Power consumption

As the fryer is an electric home appliance, make sure that your kitchen outlet could support the power that the fry will consume. Typically, most fryers need 800w to 1500w, so consider the power before buying a fryer.

Controlling system

A proper air fryer controlling can make your food delicious and even cooked. If you want to get the best final result, you need a simple and effective controlling panel. A higher temperature cooks the food faster but sometimes it lacks even cooking so you need to control the temperature accurately.

Safety materials

Your safety is first, so consider the cool touch on the basket and pan so that you don’t get injured while putting them out. Moreover, the fryer should have enough grip on the bottom so that it doesn’t slip while cooking.

Cooks Companion Air Fryer Infrared Cooker UnBoxing

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1. What do you need to know about the Cook's Companion Air Fryer?

Answer: Cook's Companion Air Fryer is the most reliable option at an affordable price and offers you a great value for the price. They need less oil or no oil to make fried food while maintaining a healthy diet. Nonstick baskets come with the essential air fryer to make the cleansing process like a breeze. The hot air convection makes the cooking process fast, and you can make dishes in just 30 minutes or less.

2. The Characteristics of Cook's Companion 3-7QT 1500W Electric Air Fryer Cooker?

Answer: Cook's Companion 3-7QT 1500W Electric Air Fryer Cooker is another well-known product of this brand. It allows you to bake, fry, and reheat the dishes. There is also a nonstick basket for safe and irritation-free cooking. The air fryer features hot air convection technology for giving you flavorful and healthy nutrition.

The controlling system is easier in this fryer because it has a smart LCD digital panel, and you can control the temperature in a convenient way. For busy and working people, the air fryer cooker is an excellent choice.

3. Is Cook’s Companion Air Fryer a good brand?

Answer: Cook’s Companion is a very well-known brand and produces high-quality eclectic air fryers. They have been marketing for many years, and the users show their satisfaction with their products. Their air fryer contains very reasonable prices and offers a great cooking process.

They come in several shapes and sizes, so you can choose from them to meet your home style. Considering so many reviews, it is proved that the brand is actually good for the air fryer.

How do you use Cook's Companion Air fryer?

Answer: it is a very easy process to operate the air fryer. After removing the packaging, place the air fryer in an even place and connect the plug with electricity. You will find a pan with a basket in the air fryer; remove it and fill it with ingredients (never use the pan without the basket).

Now set the temperature from the control button and start the device and turn on the timer. While time will come to the zero it will be automatically shut off.

Final Thoughts

The air fryer is very beneficial for frozen and fried foods. It is absolutely a worthy investment for enjoying the real taste of fries. In the two Cooks Companion Air Fryer Reviewwe have represented you as our top performers. They maintain a nice evenness, crispness, and juiciness. Also, they require minimum maintenance and the controlling system is very simple.

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