Charbroil Oilless Turkey Fryer Reviews

The Best Charbroil Oilless Turkey Fryer Reviews

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The Char-Broil Oil-less Turkey Fryer is free from stress to fry roast, turkey or cut of meat. Without using oil, the Char-Broil Big Easy offers you safe, delicious food. The Easy uses of the infrared heating technology prepare turkey food very easily.

It can quickly cook food. Be sure, without oil or oil-free food is more delicious and healthier also. Read the article on charbroil oilless turkey fryer reviews to take the decision whether you buy it or not.
Char-Broil The Big Easy TRU-Infrared Oil-Less Turkey Fryer

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It will take to cook the turkey or chicken within eight to ten minutes for each pound. You need not wait to heat up the oil. The Big Easy Fryer is ready to prepare your food without oil. It renders your varieties of foods along with the turkey. Again I am saying you need no oil to buy; rather you will get delicious, headache free, simple and safe food without using oil along with oil fried turkey.

Features of charbroil oilless turkey fryer

  • Oil free food is very good for the people who like to see food without calories.
  • The patented infrared technology is applied here to cook food. So you will get juicy, crispy, flavorful food very quickly
  • It can cook a beef roast, chickens, pork tenderloins and some large cut meats along with injecting able marinades
  • It does not need oil so that you can save money. The food will be healthier. There will be no splatter, burn or spill on the food
  • It contains cooking basket, cooker, meat thermometer, and the guide of cooking quickly.
  • Measures 24.5″H x 21.1″ diameter and weight is 30 lbs


  • The result is very excellent. Moist meat, tasty and crispy skin
  • Quick than baking.
  • Removes the oven
  • The drip pan holds the dripping for wonderful gravy.
  • Clean up is very easy.
  • If you consider the time, it will take only 20 minutes to finish cooking from the beginning.
  • Dry rub, marinades, and Injection may be used


  • Oil helps to cook the meat quickly
  • The conventional fryer will remain with you for a long time. Moreover, this is very simple

How does charbroil oilless turkey fryer work?

TRU–Infrared™ has got a trademark for radiant heat and it is a Chari-Broil cooking system. It can remove the hot spot from the food at the time of cooking food. It also keeps the natural juice of the food to make the food moist.

You need not expect the same speed that you get from the fat deep fryer. Air fryer is somewhat slower. Doneness is measured by a meat thermometer. It will take ten minutes on an average.

The Big Easy will take two and half an hour to prepare the 16-pound turkey. It does not require any preheating. Therefore it will save you time. Besides, you can clean the unit very easily. It does not need gallons of oil to prepare food.

Cook without oil is a great plus for you if you have grandkids or kid the grown up people will enjoy good beverages. As you need fire and heat, it is not free from risk. You need not use gallons of oil for running over the deck.

After finishing cooking, the propane turkey fryer will take only a few times to be cool. This only draws back to the fryer. The Big Easy will take few moments to be cool off. When the air temperature is cool, you will get a lot of wind. On a windy day or extreme climate, you will get a good result. You need to place the air fryer that offers a shelter for the air fryer.


You are going to need to update it with specific accessories namely Turkey fryer. But a number are a part of this sizeable simple cooker bundle.

The basket of the oil-less turkey fryer is safe to use. Other accessories that follow this toaster turkey fryer would be the meat thermometer as well as the Quick Start cooking manual.

Optional attachments and accessories will help you to utilize your turkey cooker for different sorts of meat. Unfortunately, these don’t arrive with the sizeable simple cooker. But  luckily they are very affordable.

Should You Prefer to fry lamb legs or some other kind? Then you can buy the leg rack to your fryer with no petroleum. For ideal, evenly cooked ribs select the suitable rib hooks.

If you find these infrared turkey cooker attachments finallyto maintain your infrared chicken cooker secure in most weather conditions, you can purchase The Big Easy Cover sensibly.


Replacement Parts

The replacement Components, along with the mentioned accessories, as well as the infrared turkey cooker can be found on Amazon. Irrespective of whether you would like to fix, or enhance your fryer without petroleum. You get all equipments there. You can use Comparison graph!

What’s make Charbroil Oilless Turkey Fryer special

The capacity of the traditionally fried turkeys is three minutes per pound. The infrared will take ten minutes to do so.  Time is one issue that makes it unique

What’s Media Say On Charbroil Oilless Turkey Fryer Reviews

Charbroil is a deep fryer that does not need oil for cooking food. Inside the fryer, there is arraign lover burner with the metal chamber which creates infrared heating inside the cooking vessel. If someone likes to cook chicken, he or she will be astonished. The result he will get is excellent. I was very much astonished to see that the chicken will get a cracked sign with juicy meat and the cooking trout.

You need to add propane take with the fryer and by the help of know turn it on. Before cooking, you need to preheat 15 minutes, and the indicator will show you the accurate temperature.

Keep the bird in the fryer bottom and be sure it does not fall from the fryer. You may be done the bird in the middle.

What people say about Charbroil Oilless Turkey Fryer

Great Fryer

We may use the Thanksgiving fryer other times to prepare chicken. The meat will be tender and juicy. If you see the reading it is done, I take out the Big Easy then keep it to take rest. I have used the thermometer to see the accurate time.

So I advise you to keep the meat more twenty minutes longer to get the good result. I do this with another thermometer, and I learned that all do work well. The drawback is the cage where the meat sits in.

The other drawback is to obtain the chicken in and once again at the time of cleaning. I use the non-stick spray to clean it. I just stab the meat with the prong and keep it lower to the middle of the Big Easy. Maybe my husband can detect it. All are very simple.

The best

I bought the Big Easy and saw some information about Turkey fryer on online three months ago. I have used it at least once a week at the end of the week. The fryer is a good option to cook healthy foods.

We like the result of our Big Baby. We have made sockeye salmon, ribs, chicken, beef ribs, grilled hamburgers, roast beef and corn in the husk. The meat is cooked well, smoked and fantastic if you regulate the heat well.

The food we prepared by it saves juices and makes gravy. So all enjoy it much. It helps to do something that the deep fryer cannot do.

Why you prefer to charbroil oilless turkey fryer – charbroil oilless turkey fryer reviews

The Char-Broil Big Easy Oil-less fryer does more than the fried turkey. It can prepare pork tenderloin, cook chicken, a large cut of meat and beef roast quickly. It is great for bone-in ribs or boneless.

The Big Easy is very simple to use. There are two knobs to control. One is to turn on, and the other is to light the burner. Besides, the operating system is very easy. The compact size helps you to store the unit easily.


Where to purchase Charbroil Oilless Turkey Fryer

If you like to buy the fryer, you can save a couple of dollars. You can communicate with the manufacturer directly. Before buying, you need to read the review of the product. As this will help you to know more about the product. At the time of reading this article, you can buy from here.

How to clean The Big Easy Fryer?

After finishing your cooking some excess grease or the food debris will store in the basket. Inside the cooking chamber, they will be stored in. When the fryer is cool, you can use a grill brush to loosen the remaining materials inside the chamber. Char-Broils palm size hedgeHawg to Grill Brush is perfect to clean the device.

How to clean The Big Easy Fryer

After brushing well, lift out the chamber and make it empty. The wire basket may be brushed like the gas grill. If you like, you can wash it in the dishwasher or a sink. The disposable food saves aluminum liners for grease tray and makes the clean up easy. If you see any drippings into grease tray, you can clean with water or soap. You can clean the grease tray with dishwasher. You can clean the painted surface of the Big Easy with soap or water if you like.

Warranty of Charbroil Oilless Turkey Fryer

You will get one year warranty on all the parts or your dryer from buying date.


Charbroil Oilless Turkey Fryer Reviews

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) On Charbroil Oilless Turkey Fryer

Question: How long time will it need to prepare the turkey in with oil-less fryer?

Ans. The meat will take eight to ten minutes for each pound. The ham may take 40 minutes, and the turkey will take one and a half hour and the Cornish hens will take something more.

Question: How much time does a Char-Broil Big Easy take to prepare a turkey?

Ans. Use the meat thermometer to the breast. The reason is not to touch the bone with the tip. The turkey will take about ten minutes to be prepared. See the temperature closely as it may take 20 minutes sometimes.



Final Verdict

There are no strict rules of cooking- but there are some basic things you need to follow the working procedure of the Big Easy Work. The patented and the exclusive cooking method will aid you to make rotisserie chicken, tastily fried turkey, BBQ pork, grilled vegetables a roast beef. You can take help from the cooking guide to the Big Easy. There are lots of recipes, tips, and tricks in this guide.

The most significant thing you need to do is to register the cooker so that we can be more benefited at the time of our need. Please keep the warranty card attached to the last page of the product guide. Along with preserve the stamp and contact with www.



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