Blusmart Power Air Fryer Review! Electric Power Fryer

Our Blusmart Power Air Fryer review will take a closer look at this popular appliance and tell you everything you need to know.

The Blusmart air fryer 3.4 is an air fryer intended to feed a few members of a family. But this one is smaller because it can quickly heat up to prepare foods.

The fryer can cook 3 potatoes at a time. It is a more convenient fryer than other competitors in the market. It will give you a new experience at the time of cooking food.

The temperature status is from 170 F – to 400 degrees F. The fryer has precise control of the heat. It means that you can hold the temperature anyplace you like.


The fryer is mostly made of plastic which is a bit negative point for some users. It is also a bit difficult to clean the appliance compared to some other fryers on the market.

If you have little space in your cooking room, this fryer is best for you. You can bring the Blusmart power air fryer to your home without any hesitation.

Blusmart Power Air Fryer Review

Air Fryer, Blusmart Electric Air Fryer


  • Capacity 3.4 quarts and 1400 watts.
  • There is a cookbook with the fryer
  • The range of temperature is from 170-400 degrees F.
  • Auto shut of timer
  • Non-stick inner surface


  • It has a fully detachable basket
  • A cookbook is available
  • Precise temperature control
  • Doesn’t demand more space in the cooking room


  • Has a non-stick coating which fails to work well
  • Construction is very cheap

Reason to Choose Blusmart Power Air Fryer

The most important features of the fryer are that it circulates hot air around the foods. Therefore you will get a fast result very quickly. It has more power to create delicious food.

The outer part of the food is very crispy, and the interior remains most without oil or little oil. The food you get from the fryer contains up to eighty percent less fat.

Blusmart Electric Air Fryer

You can use temperatures from 170 degrees F to 400 degrees F. It is enough for frying, grilling, baking, and roasting. Moreover, it allows you to prepare food anytime. It comes with auto shut-off features. After 2 hours the fryer automatically shuts down.

The fryer is secured chiefly because it works only if you enter the basket in its place. You can remove the basket to add something. Or you can see the cooking process. This does not matter at all. The fryer works continue after entering the basket properly once again.

The fryer is made for the whole family. Its capacity is 3.4 quarts which is a great size for a medium house. You can set it up anywhere in your kitchen.

The fryer wouldn’t take much space in your cooking room. One can prepare a roast chicken for some special occasion. The non-sticky outer surface of the fryer is very simple to clean with soapy water.

Moreover, you can keep the fryer in the dishwasher making the cleaning process simple.

What Users Say About Blusmart Power Air Fryer

The fryer takes only 15 minutes to cook chicken wings. I used a temperature of around 350 degrees. Next time I would try to use 300 degrees for cooking it. The taste of the food is very excellent. Without all oil frying, the food is delicious.

Blusmart Electric Air Fryer HF-898LCD (Review+Testing)

Blusmart Power Air Fryer FAQs

Is it possible to make sweet potato vegetables very rapidly?

The temperature range of the air fryer is from 170 F to 400 degrees F. You can use this temperature for grilling, baking, roasting, and frying. So one may prepare sweet potatoes with the fryer.

Is it perfect to cook sausages?

This is perfect for cooking sausages.

Is it essential to stir the food at the time of cooking?

No, it isn’t a must. But some foods need to shake, turned or restarted to get an excellent result.

Is the fryer simple to clean? Is the part of the fryer dishwasher safe? Do you need to turn the food in the middle of the cooking process?

The fryer is very simple to clean, no doubt. I have used both the dishwasher and hand wash. I got an excellent result without stirring it more. But you may stir the foods when cooking to get more taste. The timer setting of the fryer is excellent to stop the fryer. It would help if you didn’t worry more. Tender meats and crispy fries.

Blusmart fryer

Blusmart Power Air Fryer review video


Final Thoughts

The Blusmart Electric Air Fryer is both efficient for cooking and safe to use. First, it wouldn’t start unless you set the drawer well. Moreover, after 2 hours the fryer will shut off automatically.

If someone likes to warm up the homes with this air fryer, this is not possible. This is the drawback of the fryer. The only drawback of the fryer is that the cookbook lists are set up with Celsius. This is an American system.

Sometimes instructions are hard and it is difficult to understand. But we can say the air fryer is very excellent. Those who have used it never go another way to prepare food.


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