Three Best Bella Air Fryer Reviews for Healthy and Crispy Food

Author: Chester P. Rector
January 20, 2021

Bella air fryers are famous for their crispiest capacities that they bring in every cooked food with the least oil use. Also, these air fryers look aesthetically pleasing with a metallic and sleek finished appearance.

These air fryers are easy to operate and consume less energy too. But how good are they in reality? Let’s see their performance in our three Bella Air Fryer reviews today. We will review three top-performing and popular air fryers from Bella with a brief buyer guide.

It would help you pick the right air fryer for French fries and stakes and anything else you want to cook and devour.


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Three Best Bella Air Fryer Reviews

In specs, Bella air fryers appear stunning. But do they indeed carry such outstanding features in the real-life cooking experience? Let’s find it in the review section.

1. BELLA (14679) 5.3 Quart Air Convection Fryer

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This air fryer comes with a 5.3-quart capacity and uses circular heat technology. Thus, it ensures the crispiest food in the quickest time. The fryer’s heating element is made of stainless steel and runs on 1750 watts of electricity.

The heating element dissipates heat in corners, so, it cooks food evenly. The user interface is made easy with the digital control panel. It has touchscreen features for the best convenience. So, even beginners would find operating the convection air fryer easy and comfy.

The manufacturer claims that it uses 88% less fat. So, you can enjoy the healthiest food with it. The fryer can cook up to 4.4 pounds, which is suitable for a small to medium group and family. Lastly, when you are done with cooking, this air fryer is easy to clean. You won’t have to feel the extra burden of cleaning hardship, which is the case with the most air fryers on the market.


  • Easy operating directions
  • Ideal for medium family
  • Efficient heating saves electricity
  • It is easy to clean


  • The unit is  bulky

2. BELLA (14752) 2.6 Quart Air Fryer

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This air fryer looks aesthetically eye-pleasing. The air convection fryer is also a perfect cooking companion for large families with 5.4 pounds of capacity. The steel heating element uses 1500 watts of power to evenly and quickly provide you with the crispiest onion rings, French fries, stakes, and anything you like to taste.

The control panel features a touchscreen and is also easily understandable. So, you won’t have to go through boring user-manual. Its removable basket is dishwasher safe and so easy to clean. Thus, it serves for an extended period with regular cleaning.

The air fryer offers low-fat cuisine to all. So, everyone now can enjoy their favorite fries and BBQs without extra fat and oil consumption. Moreover, you can arrange your kitchen with the air fryer and other Bella kitchen accessories to get a stunning kitchen look.

In short, this air fryer is everything you would want in a budget-friendly air fryer, a rare combination of features and performance.


  • Dishwasher safe manufacturing
  • Eye-pleasing appearance for home decors
  • Touchscreen display and control
  • Budget-friendly pricing


  • The handle is a bit tight initially

3. Bella Pro Series 8qt Touchscreen Digital Air Fryer

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This is one of the largest air fryers that Bella offers both for home uses and professional chefs. It comes with an outstanding 8-quart capacity. Thus, you can roast a whole chicken in it. Additionally, it is usable for pizzas, baking, grilling, and frying.

The air fryer is from Bella’s ‘Pro series’ and ensures everything a professional needs in restaurants. It comes with a digital touchscreen for the most convenient controls. Thus, you can quickly adjust and set the cooking time, preheating temperature, and an auto-shutoff feature if needed. Therefore, you get more control over the cooking procedure.

It helps you get the best brown color with each roasting item. Also, the dishwasher-safe basket is easy to remove and clean. Finally, its sturdy stainless steel heating design means it is ready to take the heavy-duty cooking toll for several years.


  • Best for professional use
  • Digital control panel with touchscreen facility
  • Budget-friendly pricing


  • Nothing reported until now

Buying Guide for The Bella Air Fryer Reviews

Buying Guide for The Bella Air Fryer Reviews
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When you want to buy a Bella air fryer, you have to consider some essential factors. First, determine how many people you would use the air fryer mostly. Then decide the quart capacity for the kitchen appliance accordingly.

Next, you should check the control panel. It should be comfortable and feature the most needed controls such as the timer, temperature setting, auto shutdown, etc. A digital touchscreen display will be an excellent addition in this regard.

You should also check the accessories you will get inside the package. The more the accessories, the better it will be. Lastly, check the warranty period, its preconditions, and price to get your most suitable air fryer within the budget.

Bella Air Fryer Review: 2.6QT and 5.3QT, Which One to Buy?

Both air fryers from Bella are indeed remarkably well-built. These air fryers will help you quickly and healthily prepare food. Since both fryers have almost identical specs, the decision comes from the number of family members. If you cook regularly for 2 to 3 people, the 2.6QT will be a good option. For a large family, get the 5.3QT version.

Bella Air Fryer 5.3 QT Accessories

The air fryer comes with basic accessories, including the removable basket. You can additionally get the air fryer rack for a better cooking experience. Also, you can even get a secondary basket for cooking multiple times in the air fryer.

Bella Air Fryer Manual

Each Bella air fryer comes with a user manual. You should check the user guideline before you use the air fryer the first time. It will help you better understand the functions and controls and operate the air fryer comfortably. It also helps you get the crispest fries quickly.

How Much Food Can You Cook in There?

The air fryer’s food cooking capacity will depend on its quart capacity. Hence, check the label’s quart capacity to know what amount of food the air fryer can cook. It will determine which air fryer you should buy for family use.

Bella Air Fryer reviews video

Final Thoughts

No doubt that Bella Air fryer is a leading manufacturer in the market for kitchen appliances. These Bella air fryer reviews will help you select the most suitable and budget-friendly air fryer for your necessity.

Whichever air fryer you buy, make sure you clean and maintain it easily. Thus, you will get lasting service from the air fryer.

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