Best Avalon bay AB-Airfryer100B

Editor's score: Avalon Bay AB-Airfryer100B got average 4.7  out of 5 satisfactory scores from 540 customer's review

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The buyers will be happy to know that the price of the product is not very high. It comes with necessary accessories. If you only want the air fryer, it is not for you. The frozen foods do function well is the view of the users. The details of the models ashownwed below.

hot air fryer reviews

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Features of Avalon Bay

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  • The speed of air circulating is very rapid so you can enjoy your favorite food without any oil. This is a healthy way to prepare food.
  • Safety Element: After thirty minutes the timer will automatically turn to the standby mood when you finish your cooking.
  • To remove easily, it has a detachable mesh metal basket to serve to the dishes
  • It has a removable rack and baking pan with which you can cook many foods.



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  • You must not add oil or you need a small amount of oil for your cooking.
  • You can wash the basket easily and wash it with hot soapy water.
  • The device is compact so need small space to keep the device.
  • It can cook quickly
  • It is not messy or smelly.
  • The foods are crispy, not greasy
  • Use small oil, so the food is very healthy.



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  • The model has no cooking books with it. The booklet has only a few lists of temps and time setting to cook food.



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How does Avalon Bay air fryer function?

hot air fryer reviews

The Avalon Bay hot air fryer has 304 heating elements with a fan on the top part to the machine. The grill elements heat up inside the fryer. The fan gives off the air for all the parts of the food, and the hot air cooks food well.

All these things complete with a short time, and it cooks fat very fast. It removes fat from the food instead of adding more oil. The amount of grease is less in the food, and there is no greasy smell in your kitchen.

To roast vegetable, you may add a small amount of oil to obtain crispy texture. If the food contains much fat, you need no additional fat. Some foods like vegetable or fresh homemade potatoes will be tastier with a small amount of oil.

At first, add them and then cook the food. The excess oil will make a browning effect and crispier texture.

Cooking Basket Capacity

You could fit anywhere from four to six chicken drumsticks, based on their dimensions.

Temperature Control

The Avalon Bay AB-Air fryer100B includes adjustable temperature controller which enables you to preset your desired temperature for cooking. It is up to the food you enjoy most. The gage itself is placed over the timer, and also allows you to decide on the distance between 176°F and 400°F (approximately 80°C to 200°C).

As previously mentioned, the AB-100B has an integrated timer which transforms this pup off after 30 minutes. So you don’t need to be concerned about leaving it on if you go to work or sit on a plane for Tahiti.



The temperature ranged mentioned previously causes this fryer reasonably flexible off the bat. Additionally, the removable mesh basket, cooking racks and pan combine to  offer multiple cooking options. Additionally one can do baking, cooking and frying all at one time.

The underside lets the fat trickle down. moreover it reducesthe greasiness of your meals so that you may enjoy the flavor of fried foods. There is no unwanted side-effects such as stained tops or obstructed arteries.


Safety & Build Quality

This putter is more powerful than a deep fryer by dint of becoming an air fryer. It stands apart as user-friendly as a result of its non-slip thighs along with a built-in timer. The basket is constructed from non-stick coated metallic mesh , durable vinyl and heat-resistant outside. There is no complaints agaist these things.


Additional Perks

The deal is regular, even pauper-ish, as the only real thing that you get is a manual guide with cooking tips, however, no authentic recipes. On the flip side, you may pick from four slick models, such as Black, Red, and White. The Stainless Steelone costs more.


Cleaning and Storage

You should thoroughly wash your air fryer after each use.

  1. Unplug your Air fryer and then let it cool down completely for an hour.
  2. Wipe the outer side of the Air fryer by a moist cloth.
  3. Wash out the pan and basket with warm water, mild soap, and also a non-abrasive sponge (the bowl and jar are also dishwasher-safe).
    1. NOTE: When dirt is stuck into the basket or the base of the pan, fill the pan with warm water and mild liquid soap. Set the basket in the pan and then boil for approximately ten minutes.
  4. Wash out the inside of the appliance with hot water plus a non-abrasive sponge.
  5. Clean the heating element by using a cleaning brush to remove food residue.

Keep the cable to the cable storage compartment. Repair the cord by integrating it in the cable fixing slot


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Why you like to get hot air fryer

Why you like to get hot air fryer

All the reviews of the air fryer are very positive, for especially the price of the device. People love it as it is very simple to clean, or there is no smell of oil from it after cooking your desired food. This is the reason for which most of the people like to buy the air fryer. People prepare food for their home without fat at all.

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Avalon Bay hot air fryer has an auto turn off system which helps you to prevent your food from overheating. The timer will beep when you finish your cooking, and the device will turn off automatically. Hot air is applied here to cook food. So you need not wait by the side of the air fryer to see the condition of the food inside the fryer. As there is no oil, no possibility of catch the fire.



What do the people think about hot air fryer?

Busy parents need an Avalon Bay AirFryer

If you are the busy parent, you must love the Avalon Bay Airfryer. It will quickly rise and temperature guide at the top of the machine. The time and the temperature setting is accurate and within this period you will able to cook different kinds of foods.

I like it to prepare French fries or chicken nuggets for my three kids. The oven cannot raise temperature like this. The food comes out of the fryer is delicious, crisp and cooked. I need not add more oil to make such kind of food. When to prepare egg rolls with the AirFryer, and the taste of it is awesome.

I also prepare fried egg rolls with the fryer so thanks to Avalon. The fryer saves to intake fat and calories with my food.

We have a right place where we get cut French fries. First, heat them in the micro oven, but do not get the desired food. We have done it with the Airfryer, and the result is very impressive.

It only takes two minutes. I would like to use the retractable power cord, but it is super picky. There is a great loop tape around my ability cord that saves the cable and makes it nice and clean. I suggest you use the AirFryer and enjoy it.

Fantastic cooking appliance, my family love it

I bought an air fryer one year ago. I as well as my family is happy with the fryer. We would not like to pass a day without it. The fryer will not take a long space to keep it as it has a compact design. I cook and bake what I like in it.

The cleaning is also very simple. I cook or fry homemade pizzas, French fries, cheese melts, fajitas, apple pie or roasted potatoes, etc. I do not have a micro oven, but I use it. The fryer is perfect for me. Literary my fryer can do what I like.

Fantastic cooking appliance, my family love it

I need no oil to cook food. My friend likes it also. He asks me to bring it with me when they are at a party. The fryer is excellent for the appetizers. I suggest highly to buy the air fryer from the Avalon Bay Brand.

What media says on hot air fryer reviews

The basket is a sturdy unit to activate heat to the food you are going to cook. At the same time, a fan to the top starts to circulate air rapidly through the heating element and down to the basket. The rapid air takes out grease and oil from your food and takes it down to the pan to become heat up.

The rapid air circulated technology will help you to cook food very quickly. The fryer has thirty-minute timer setting, and within this time you will get the food ready. So no possibility of the fire accident. The cooking process starts when you set the time.

The range of temperature setting is 200 to 400-degree F. This range of temperature is fit for most types of food. With the Avalon fryer, you can cook steak, chicken, fish, meat, cake and so on.

The capacity to hold French fries is 3.2 pounds and everything is dishwasher safe. The weight of the fryer is eleven pound and simple to grip it. The fryer has a recipe book with it. At last wish you best of cooking with the fryer.

AB Airfryer 100B came to market with three different colors. One is white; other is black, and the other is red. Keep the best color for your kitchen. It circulates rapid air circulation to make different kinds of food.

The taste of the food becomes great and enrich with healthy ingredients. The fryer needs no extra calories, so there is no reason to think about extra calories at the time eating foods.

The place to purchase hot air fryer

I like the air fryer very much as the handle is very good on the top of it. The handle is very easy to hold. You can easily transfer it from your counter cabinet. The demerit is it doesn’t stick out. You should read the review to know details about the product. After giving an order, you will get the air fryer at your home by the manufacturers’ policy.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) On Hot Air Fryer

Question: Do you need to add oil before cooking?

Answer: Normally you should not. If you like, you can add two tablespoons of olive oil.

Question: Is it possible to cook breaded vegetables with the hot air cooker?

Answer: No. Vegetables breaded, and cornmeals are possible to cook.

Question: Is it possible to cook fresh cut potatoes for French fries by the oil less fryer?

Answer: Yes, You can make wonderful crisp on the exterior and moist to the interior and healthy French Fries which is very tasty.

Question: Where is the greaseless fryer made?

Answer: It is made in China.

Question: What is the range of Volt of this air fryer?

Answer: From 110 to120 volts.


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Product Information – hot air fryer reviews

Product Dimensions        13.5 x 11 x 12.8 inches

ASIN                                    B00NU68QWA

Shipping Weight               13.6 pounds


Final Verdict

Many people desire to have cook food by the air fryer without the risk of injury. The compact appliance can do it. An air fryer can prepare traditional all foods. Besides it can roast a Comish hen, bake a cake, bake vegetable chips, grill a steak, and bake perfect souffle.

You will get various types of foods by the instruction of the air fryer named AB air fryer 100B. You can get the air fryer on online shopping market. One appliance can do many jobs that are very wonderful.

In general, the Avalon Bay AB-Air fryer100B Air fryer is gaining far more positive Answers than damaging. It includes user-friendly controls. Along with it is really simple to wash.

Besides it has a beautiful inside cooking capacity that impresses everyone. Avalon bay air fryer has good ratings on many commonly cooked foods. It usually costs less when compared to leading brands. This version can be an excellent selection for people who would like to provide airskillet a try. But do not want to devote a good deal of cash for a brand-new Avalon bay air fryer.


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