air fryer vs deep fryer

Which One Is The Best Between Air Fryer vs Deep Fryer

Air Fryer Vs Deep Fryer

At present, there are many kinds of kitchen appliances to help the people to cook food effortlessly. The air fryer and the deep fryers help people to cook wonderful foods.

People need not remain beside the gas stove for a long time to cook. People need to pour ingredients into a bowl or adjust the time.

fryer will cook the food automatically and indicates the user that the meal is prepared. Read air fryer vs deep fryer and find the best one for you.

Which one do you need to buy to cook food in your home? Well, after reading the comparative study of air fryer versus deep fryer, you will get the answer yourself.

Table 1: Air fryer vs deep fryer comparison on demand in 2015-16

air fryer vs deep fryer

Features of Air Fryer vs Deep Fryer

The features of the fryers qualify the standard of the fryers. Fryers having more features can cook food well than the limited features fryers.

Conscious customers keep the eyes only to the features of the fryers. The features of both fryers are the same as they have auto turn off the system and different settings of temperatures and so on.

  • If you spend more for the fryer, you will get more features. Suppose, if you buy the best model, you will get various modes, useful features and cooking preset, etc.
  • Deep fryers are popular to cook the traditional foods. If the food is overcooked, you will get an unpleasant odor. If you like to avoid this, you will buy a fryer that has auto turn-off mode or odor controlling system. It ensures that the food is not cooked over. Besides, you will never feel the unpleasant smell.
  • The other things you need to consider are a display screen, digital timer, display windows, touch panel and the technology. The mentioned features will help you to cook food easily. At the same time, you can operate the unit very easily.
  • Therefore, if you like to watch the whole cooking process, you need to consider the adjustable thermostat. There are some fryers which have display window. You can see what is going on inside without opening a fryer

The last considerable thing is the power. The higher power can cook food very quickly. Some people may think that the high power needs more electricity. The reality is that it will save your money and electricity to cook foods quickly.

air fryer vs deep fryer

Healthy Fryer – Air Fryer vs Deep Fryer?

If you use hot air to cook than using oil, you will get healthy food. French fries have 70 to 80% less fat than the deep-fried. If you like a low-fat diet, you will get healthier food.

If you desire to cook raw meat like chicken, you need not oil. The excess oil comes out at the time of cooking. You finish your cooking with less fat content. The surface is crispy, and the middle is tender and moist.

The deep air fryer has a good crunchy skin, moist, tender flesh and contains much fat.

Taste Of Deep Fried vs. Air Fried Food

The taste is very good. The foods are a crunchy bite. The reason is you can roll food in wet batter prior deep frying. In the case of air fryer, wet butter may not work well. The hot air circulation from the fryer makes the batter remove from the food.

You may brush or spray a little bit of oil on your food to make the food crispier. But you will not get the strong crunch just as the air fried foods. Customers comment on the taste of the air fried food. The only dissimilarity is the taste of the foods. Foods are tender and moist both of the fryers. The dissimilar thing is the degree of the crunchiness of the food’s skin and the content of the foods.

The oil fewer foods become more delicious and very tasty to your mouth and lips.


Size as well as cooking power – air fryer vs deep fryer

On the size of the fryer, the quantity of the food depends on. The air fryers are smaller size compared to the deep fryers. The deep fryers need lots of oils to complete the cooking.

Air Fryers has a small size. It does not mean that it has less capacity to cook food than the deep fryers.

  • The most important thing to consider is the size. If you do not think it, you need more space in your kitchen. Along with, you can not cook more food for many people. Different sizes have different qualities.
  • There are various sizes and shapes of the fryers. Some fryers have capacity to cook 2 pounds of foods. 2 pounds’ capacity is enough for a family having four members. Therefore, the family having the 4 or more members should buy the fryer having a capacity of 2 and or more pounds.
  • If you like to make snacks or smaller meals, you need to buy air fryer. There are many types of air fryers in the market. You need to buy the best kind of air fryer for your family.
  • People become confused at the time of buying a deep fryer. The deep fryer needs more space to cook food. So before buying the air fryer, you need to consider the size and cooking capacity. Most of the air fryers are quite large and need a huge space to keep in the kitchen.
  • Most people like air fryer for cooking capacity and compact size. The new models offer more cooking capacity than the air fryer. This is the main reason to get the more popular of the air fryer

With the passage of time, the sizes of the fryers are changing. The compact size fryer can cook two pounds of food with the short time. There are many baskets with the fryers. It increases the cooking capacity. Besides, multiple cooking baskets help you to cook two fried dishes at the same time.

Preservation and reliability of air fryer vs deep fryer

Besides considering power, size, specification, and capacity, you need to consider the reliability and maintenance. After use, you need to clean it to use it again. Therefore, you need to consider the maintenance factor before buying it.

Cleaning an appliance is a difficult task for everyone. You can easily clean the air fryer with a short of time. You must clean the surface and the components after every use. Regular cleaning helps to maintain properly.

There are some plastic components in the air fryer. Most of the users face the problem to clean the unit as plastic catches more oil in some parts like bowls, knobs, etc. this kind of problem you will see fact regularly. If you like to avoid it, you need to clean the unit after every use. Only cleaning can save your unit from this kind of problem.

An air fryer is comparatively easy to clean than the deep fryers as it requires no cooking oil to cook fish. As no oil is needed the user do not face sticky knobs or other problems. But you should not understand that you do not clean the fryer at all. If you do not wash or clean unpleasant smell will come out from the model.

Therefore, it would be better for you to check the model before buying as the fryers need lengthy methods. For a lengthy procedure, you need a lot of time. It can affect other activities of your daily life.

You need not use the air fryer after cleaning the unit as it may cause an electric short circuit. You should have to wait until the fryer fully dried.

There are some fundamental dissimilarities between the two famous fryers to cook healthy and delicious foods. Though there are some dissimilarities between the two, they have some similarities. The similarities are the design, power, and the price.

Cleaning Up

You need to clean the unitless. You should only clean the cooking pan, the cooking basket, and the drip pan. They are dishwasher safe. If you clean it with the hand, it is also very easy.

If food gets stuck in the pan, it is very easy to clean the unit. The same thing does not happen for the deep fryer. Oil vapor will have settled on the top of the kitchen walls. You have to spend some time to clean the surface.

There are some expensive models which have no splatter. You will get some oil vapor droplets on the countertop though they are less messy. To clean the heat oil pot is very difficult. It is also a great problem to clean the oily pot.

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