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The Best Aero Fryer Reviews

Fryer Reviews


Aero Fryer is a healthy system to get delicious, crispy and fried food at home. The fryer uses 480 degrees superheat technology instead of using oil.

You will not trust what a simple fryer is and how powerful the fryer can be found here now or read the aero fryer reviews to proof.

You may enjoy mozzarella sticks; French fries, fried shrimps, fried pickles, onion rings and some other types of foods having up to 70% fewer calories.

Cooklite Aerofryer

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Using 480 degrees superheated air instead of the Cooklite Aero Fryer is the best way to enjoy different foods like crispy, tasty foods at home such as mozzarella sticks, french fries, fried shrimp, onion rings and some other foods having 70% fewer calories.

If you like to have the same flavor of your food, keep outside crispy and inside juicy. Cooklite Aero Fryer demands to use the mixture of convection, halogen, and infrared heat types.

The Aero fryer has the instant technology. They use less energy and can cook three times faster. You can use the option for broil, roast, grill, steam, or barbecue without using preheat.

When you complete your cooking with Cooklite Aero Fryer, you can use water or soap to clean it. You can also use dishwater for ensuring hand free cleaning.

Features of Cooklite Aero Fryer

  • Recipe Book- In each recipe, there is a recipe book. It has more than 50 recipes. Among the best recipes are side dishes, appetizers, and full meals and so on.
  • Dual Tray- The double tray is a high tray and a low tray. You can easily adjust them by flipping it over. This is up to the food you are going to cook. It will aid you to cook more than one thing at a time.
  • Mesh Basket- The basket is wonderful to cook small things like steamed veggies or fries.
  • Tongs- The tong may aid you to remove an individual piece or the mesh basket of the of food such as fried chicken from the Aero Fryer.
  • Extender Ring- You can use a stainless steel extender over the Aero Fryer. The steel piece will help you to cook large and small chicken.
  • French Fry Cutter- Every order comes before you with a French Fry Cutter. The cutter aid to make home sized perfect french fries at home very quickly and easily.
  • Deluxe Oil Mister- The deluxe oil master permits to spritz your food by using the dash of oil for extra flavor.
  • Knife Set- In each order, you will get a stainless steel knife set. Each set has 13 different sizes of knives to fulfill all of your slicing or carving needs.

Pros of Cooklite Aero Fryer

  • Healthy Aero Fryer aids you to lead a healthier life. If you use the appliance, you can eat healthy and calorie-less and saturated food. The food will decrease the blood pressure and cholesterol from your body and leads to weight loss.
  • No Preheating– For having instant on technology, the Aero air fryer needs no pre-heat. When you close the lid, the air will be heated and ready to prepare your food. This will help you to cook anything- even the frozen meat.
  • Self-cleaning– Aero fryer has a self-cleaning system. You need just to add soap or water and then turn it on. If you do not like to wash in this way, you can use the dishwasher to clean it. It is dishwasher safe.
  • Different Colors– You will get the appliance with two separate colors for the decoration of your kitchen. The colors are red and black.
  • Flavour- Aero fryer saves flavor inside food so the food is great to taste as it can

Cons of Cooklite Aero Fryer

  • Nothing mentionable

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How does Cooklite Aero Fryer work?

Today people like to enjoy healthy food. They like to eat what they desire. This does not mean that we are ruling out of some the perennial favorites from the family diet completely.

When you are watching your favorite movies, there are something fries you like to eat. We should not fill up our house with unhealthy store bought food as they will make health problem.

How does Cooklite Aero Fryer work

We need to remain far from these types of foods. Need to wait and see the food from Aero Fryer. We need to make our judgment on the food from the Aero Fryer.

Efficient and Healthy –The fryer claims that it can cook food well. It can cook food having 70% fewer calories as there will remain no oil in the food or very little amount of oil.

We do not know about Cooklite Aero Fryer reviews. The most important matter of this aero fryer is that it can combine three types of heat system like convection, halogen, and infrared.

The system ensures the food inside very juicy, and the outside is very crispy. The combinations of these three different heating systems provide the desired result.

We are now moving forward to know that the Cooklite Aero Fryer reviews can cook food from frozen, as it claims. The food needs no preheating. So it will save times.

The fryer is energy efficient and can cook three times faster than the regular means. Cooklite Aero Fryer is a good way to cook food very quickly.

What Can Cook Cooklite Aero Fryer?

What Can Cook Cooklite Aero Fryer

Fried foods

You can prepare various foods such as onion rings, French fries, chicken wings and fried shrimp with the Cook like Aero Fryer.

The fryer will help you to cook crispy bacon for the breakfast time and sandwiches or burgers at dinner or lunch.


If you like to prepare small roast chicken or turkey for you for your dinner, the fryer will do it.

As you like to cook chicken or large turkey, you can use stainless steel extender, which will make your device bit bigger and unable to cook or hold large food items.

Barbecued Meat

Moreover, the fryer will barbecue, grill or broil the kind of meat that you cook on the barbecue.

This means that you can cook or enjoy barbecued burgers, broiled steak or grilled chicken when it is rainy or too cold to fire up an outdoor grill.

Steamed Vegetables

The Cooklite Aero fryer can help you to steam foods. So there is the way to steam a vegetable or mixed vegetables.

Cleaning and Care Aero Fryer

If you like to clean the unit, turns it off and unplugs the unit before clean. Wait for sometimes to make it completely cool down. Wash the nonstick bowl well, extender ring, plastic base, mesh hot tongs, reversible cooking rack in hot soapy water and make completely dry. You can put the non-stick bowl, reversible cooking rack and engage basket in the dishwasher.

Keep mesh basket and washing cooking rack in water for a long time to soak. If wash does not let it air dry. Dry the mesh basket and cooking rack thoroughly with paper towel and cloth. It preserves the surface and expands the life of the cooking rack as well as mesh basket.

WARNING: Do not submerge the lid with cord, control knobs or plug in water or other liquid. Besides, do not use abrasive cleaners. Moreover, do not keep glass lid as well as a base in the dishwasher.

As unplugged from the power outlet, the top of the glass lid may be carefully wiped clean by using a sponge or damp cloth.

Make all parts dry before next use. At the time of sorting the unit, always dry all the parts of the unit to escape any moisture collecting the lid.

Self-Cleaning Of Bowl of Aero Fryer

As the food particles need to be trapped to the sides or bottom of the bowl, you may perform a self-cleaning.

  • Pour about one to two inches of water in the bowl, add some amount of soft dishwashing liquid
  • Keep the lid on and plug into the electric outlet
  • Adjust temperature control to wash setting, add a timer for ten minutes
  • If the timer goes off, open the lid carefully and wait for some time to make the bowl cool down before making it empty the liquid inside
  • Rinse the bowl with clean water to eliminate the soap residue.

User Review On Aero Fryer Reviews

The Aero Fryer is small but not bad. There is a rack without having legs to obtain the longer items.

They offer a dual rack having two legs on both sides for changing the cooking surface. The system makes the total chicken impossible unless it rests without the rack on the pan.

User Review On Aero Fryer Reviews

I have a cookbook with me. I called them as well as they said they would send me within a week.

After four weeks I have got a postcard, and still, they said it was coming. Three months had gone away, but I have not got the cookbook.

Just not practical for a family

I prefer the Cooklite AeroFryer as it is a healthier countertop of the deep fryer. The most important feature of the air fryer is that you need not use oil or grease to cook food, rather than it uses consistent heat and hot air.

I do not like to offer five stars for the fryer as there is small space in the fryer and fit for the small family. It will take too much time as you can place a single flat row.

Just not practical for a family

I cut medium size potato into thin slice, and they were completed within ten minutes. If you cut potato thickly, you need to spend ten minutes for per side and flip them over for more ten minutes.

We have made the experience in various ways and got it best to oil them or season then toss them thoroughly before keeping in the trays.

Spray the tray as it may get sticky. Wedges are simple to prepare but need more time than the thinly sliced fries.

Therefore the fryer is a great alternative to cooking different types of foods. This is not a practical thing for the family use as it needs more time to cook for having a small tray. I do not even bake anything within it.


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Product Info – Aero Fryer Reviews

ASIN                                           B00QSL89F8

Item Weight                              7.4 pounds

Product Dimensions               12.4 x 11 x 12.4 inches

Manufacturer                          AeroFryer

Shipping Weight                    9.8 pounds

Air fryer is a popular way of cooking in Europe. It is gaining much popularity in the US as. The Cooklite Aero Fryer is a new addition to the cooking area, so there is no review about it on the web. One of the most common reviews about the air fryer is that there is little space inside the fire, it appears bulky.

The cooking space is similar to some other units on the market. The Aero fryer seems to be little lightweight or streamlined.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs) of Aero Fryer

Question: Can this be Utilized in a Company

Answer: The machine does emit Some fumes out of what’s being cooked inside. If using I wouldn’t utilize without an exhaust hood.

Question: What’s the warmth source? Electric? I really don’t find a cord nor some information concerning volts or the watts.

Answer: Standard cord that is electric – Simply plug it any other appliance. Hardware or no special wiring required.

Question: Can it make the meals crispy

Answer: Yes, Food crispy but you could also command that by time is dependent upon how you like your meals

Question: Can it cook?

Answer: Though I’ve not experimented too much past the publication, I like What I have observed up to now!

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Final Verdict

An air frying technology has overcome a long way for the previous several years though top graded models from mainstream manufacturers, you would not fry really anything. As you are thinking about the Aero Fryer – or another type of air fryer, for such case perform a conventional deep fryer after that you will be disheartened by the result.

The Aero Fryer is an adaptable piece of countertop kitchen hardware which combines a halogen heat source; infrared light and convection to cook food apply superheated air. It is just like an oven instead of a fryer and best suited for 1 or 2 people. After all, this is a nice small oven but the little size ensures marginal use.

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